What has been done to curb construction activity which contributes directly to pollution.The lobby of real estate is also the lobby in power at the centre. They are all intertwined relationships for pecuniary benefits.Nothing is able to shake up their arrogance and bring them to book.Be it at the procurement of raw material oe disposal of waste they have floured al the rules in the book and yet the authorities have overlooked.Even the govt.  agencies are to be names for large tracts of the city are made out of nouns for citizens for the construction activity of their favored builders.Very soon the voice of dissent will make them wake up.

Cement is the prime contributor in pollution.Paints and varnishes have a direct effect on the health of the labour and majority of the affected area on the sites of construction.

Roads provided could be good but the vehicles that supply material to the construction site or those which carry waste to the landfill sites that are increasing by the day.There is a related problem of underground contamination and in a way it is not in consonance to mix up natural soil with wastes of debris cement paint varnish and scrap.

Can the authorities make a beginning to control the rampant construction.In the Begin ng itself conf they are destroying the green coverage is permitting them Who is monitoring their responsibility of sapling supply for planting in various pockets as a compensatory gesture that is also mandatory as of date.

They are the reason why there is so much migrant population in the city.No doubt they are wage earners for their families back home but it does not preserve the sanctity of a human being by cutting the trees and dumping the waste in landfills or directly in the river .Why cannot the authorities bring this construction activity to a halt for sometime and some better thought to  dawn on us.

Major construction activities should be taken up by govt or semi government agencies.

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This lady was an orphan but as years went by she desired to live a normal life and look after a family like anyother woman.But she never ever received  care throughout her life.

By a quirk of fate she is married one day because of some Samaritan in the society who sponsors the event and a young man accepts her .They have 3 children. Two of them girls.

Her ineptitude in bringing up children is obvious because of her orphan beginnings not aware of the affections and essential care and security .

But she was committed  .She tried best to find ways of her own volition and intelligence level to care for the children.But we are aware there is a difference in the methods of a woman from a normal background in the society and an orphan who grows up to be a woman.There is definitely a qualitative difference.

She realizes soon that the man is  a habitual drunkard without a care for his family.This is miserable for the children.

Most of the time he berates the wife for small matters and exposes her terrible beginnings to the children as the cause for her ignorance in raising the family without himself contributing anything towards their care.

The girls developed  with a wrong notion of their mother and when the Man dies of his alcoholic problem they make the mother’s life  traumatic .

They donot realize the importance of a Mother because they have been wrongly guide by the errant father.Seondly they never evolved to know that the mother had never ever been the beneficiary of a kind act of a parent or any elder in the society.

But there was a dignified and retired college Principal who voluntarily took the plunge to educate the children  about the desire of this lady from depraved beginnings and her expectations in life.The miseries she has gone through with the husband and the intolerant attitude being continued by the children for no reason and with no serious thought.He felt it was very courageous of this woman to swallow the insults and get on with life never expecting anything in  return.But for the Principal who roped in like minded people in the society there would have been a miserable end to her life.The girls realized very soon of her value.

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This is a very serious problem for females like me who like men with clean shave. Men may dress well
but this stubble is one thing they hate to remove. We take so much trouble by going to parlors taking
long time to get waxing done, eyebrows done and etc. But that the least that a men can do and it
doesn’t even take them time to shave. I realize that guys like stubble and we girls respect that. But there
are situations and places where a person with stubble doesn’t look civilized.

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From childhood I have loved to attend Marriages. And I make sure I go to the ceremony and not the reception. The best part of Indian Marriage is the the ceremony!!  There are many rituals which teaches different values of life to the couple. But the couple are so occupied with things happening besides them that they are not able to concentrate on the rituals or what the Pandit is saying. Probably it might to me as well. So I take this chance of going to all my friends and relatives wedding ceremony to see what kind of rituals do they have. I have to different parts of India to attend marriages.

Source : Google images

This is a typical Tam-Bram wedding. This is the wedding I have attended the most and they have a unique way of celebrating a new life setting their path!!

This is a typical wedding in north India. The marriage are now cut short actually!!!

So it was my cousin’s wedding and I managed to get the leave only before 3 days prior to the wedding. Now couldn’t make a decision how to reach Bangalore in such short notice. I was about to cancel and my other cousin suggested that we can go there by car. The road is pretty good and Volvo bus from Mumbai to Bangalore takes 16 hours. We might make it soon. After a lot of discussion we made up our mind and decided to travel by road!!!

Such an awesome Road it was the best ever long drive ever had in my Lifetime !!!

My friends have been torturing me to start a blog and write about things happening around me.  But I said I don’t  want to do that, because I wasn’t sure how this would work and I didn’t really think that it matter to anyone. My friends planned a night out and also made a plan to convince me about starting a Blog. So I asked them with all desperation that why should I do it ??

They asked me few questions and I was convinced to start a Blog.

1. when you bought your smartphone how did you decide it? I said I did a lot of research online and then decided to go with this one.

2. They asked how do you decide to watch a movie or not ? I ask friends who have already watched it or read some reviews online and then watch it.

So they on asking me such questions and I realized that most of my research is helped by one or other blog of different genre!!!! 🙂

So finally here I am to start a new world!!!! I am sure my friends would be saying “Happy Realization” !!