My friends have been torturing me to start a blog and write about things happening around me.  But I said I don’t  want to do that, because I wasn’t sure how this would work and I didn’t really think that it matter to anyone. My friends planned a night out and also made a plan to convince me about starting a Blog. So I asked them with all desperation that why should I do it ??

They asked me few questions and I was convinced to start a Blog.

1. when you bought your smartphone how did you decide it? I said I did a lot of research online and then decided to go with this one.

2. They asked how do you decide to watch a movie or not ? I ask friends who have already watched it or read some reviews online and then watch it.

So they on asking me such questions and I realized that most of my research is helped by one or other blog of different genre!!!! 🙂

So finally here I am to start a new world!!!! I am sure my friends would be saying “Happy Realization” !!