This is a very serious problem for females like me who like men with clean shave. Men may dress well
but this stubble is one thing they hate to remove. We take so much trouble by going to parlors taking
long time to get waxing done, eyebrows done and etc. But that the least that a men can do and it
doesn’t even take them time to shave. I realize that guys like stubble and we girls respect that. But there
are situations and places where a person with stubble doesn’t look civilized.

If girls take so pain to groom herself to look good in front of her partner why can’t guys take that 10
mins to shave. It’s hard for few girls to tell their partner directly to do it. So they use their partners
weakness to get it done. It easy for girls who have partners in army or big corporate. Because even if
they want to have stubble they cant because its their jobs requirement. We girls just have a problem
that why doesn’t it occur to guys to do it on their own.

Few girls have courage to threaten their partners to ask them to get rid of their stubble. Its just normal
ethics that’s why we feel bad. Girls have sensitive skin and if the guy kisses the girls it pricks really bad
and makes them feel not to kiss. Adjusting with that is also very difficult. I should appreciate Gillette
to come up with such a bold campaign. Thanks to BlogAdda to give blogger the chance to express our
feeling towards this topic. I am sure there would a lot of ideas girls can get from this campaign to make
their guys crave if they cannot shave!

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